Thursday, 19 May 2011

Charlie Sheen. Whatever you think of him. He’s a legend. There are not many people that can turn being sacked from a job as the highest paid TV actor on American television to his advantage, but he has. Whether you think he’s a genius or an idiot, you’re talking about him. He’s made his way into your head. You are on a drug called Charlie Sheen - whether you can handle it or not.
So he’s taken more drugs than most people. So what? John Lennon did too & he’s some kind of God. Why is it ok for him to be off his face on drugs but when Charlie does it he’s evil? Is it because John Lennon was a musician? Because he died tragically at the hand of someone else? Kurt Cobain is another one. He was so fucked up on drugs that he killed himself. But he’s a legend. I don’t see the difference.
Charlie Sheen is a talented actor. Even after the most insane parties he can get his job done better than most could do after an early night & 8 hours sleep. He says what he thinks & lives with 2 “Goddesses” who do whatever the hell he wants them to. Show me a man that wouldn’t swap lives with Charlie Sheen & i’ll show you a liar.
Charlie Sheen is living a life that most people are too scared to live. He likes to party, drink, do drugs & have sex with porn stars. He has more money than most people could ever dare dream of & he spends it to live a life that you would kill for. He’s alegend!
So what he slagged off his bosses at Two & A Half Men? I don’t know a single person that has never slagged off their boss at some point. He felt like he was getting fucked over, he decided to voice his opinions on a radio show. He got sacked - he wasn’t sacked over the allegations that he beat up his ex wife or any of the other stuff that has been everywhere. When he was hired as Charlie Harper they knew exactly who they were dealing with & what he was like - the character was based on him. They will crawl back if they want to continue with the show, because as good as the other characters are, they don’t work without Charlie Sheen  & no other actor will be able to portray Charlie Harper in the way he does.
He’s currently on tour, being paid just to talk about whatever he feels like stood on a stage. People can slag off the show all they want. He’s rolling about in the cash that has been paid for tickets. Those tickets sold without anyone having a clue what the show was about. People just wanted to see what he was going to do. That’s a legend!
He’s everything a star should be. He doesn’t just say what the media & fans want to hear. He says what he thinks. Whether you agree with what he says or you’re offended by it, he doesn’t care. He doesn’t try to fool anyone into thinking he’s something he’s not. You either accept it & love who he is, or you fuck off. I like that. That’s why I love Charlie Sheen, violently!

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