Monday, 16 May 2011

Make your own decisions, make your own mistakes. Learn from them. Judge the people around you from what you see & feel, not what others think of them. Be your own person. Have your own mind - an enemy of mine could be the best friend you’ll ever have.
Learn to accept who you are & be that person through good times & bad. You are who you are & trying to be someone else will never work. Accept the things you can’t change about yourself & embrace them. Improve the things you know you need to change. Don’t have people in your life that don’t bring you anything positive. They don’t deserve to be there.
Just as you can’t change who you are, don’t expect to change someone else. Just because you feel love for them does not mean they have to feel close to the same for you. They are who they are. You must accept that or walk away.
Life will never be simple. You’ll be tested in every step you take. But life is special. Don’t take it for granted, make sure you live it! xoxo

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